Seeker Aircraft is Revolutionizing Aerial Surveillance

The Seeker aircraft is a light surveillance aircraft uniquely designed for aerial observation and surveillance missions. Seeker’s low flying light aircraft are ideal for use in aerial surveillance and aerial reconnaissance, to include use as a police surveillance plane. The unique design of the Seeker Aircraft short takeoff and landing (STOL) planes delivers the best of fixed wing aircraft performance at a fraction of the cost of a rotary wing aircraft.

As a leading light aircraft manufacturer, Seeker Aircraft America, Inc. manufactures, distributes and supports the versatile short takeoff and landing (STOL) SB7L-360 Seeker Aircraft worldwide. Our mission is driven by the growing demand for aerial surveillance aircraft for police, law enforcement, border patrol and government agencies to provide real-time information across diverse industries. Leaders at all levels of government and industry insist on real-time information to understand problems and make decisions. From civilian traffic reporting to municipal and industry emergency response activities for events such as natural disasters and pipeline surveillance.

Seeker aerial surveillance aircraft deliver critical information at one third the cost of a police helicopter. The Seeker surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft provide superior fields of vision, the ability to carry a wide variety of sensors, and the capability of stable and slow flight. The visibility in Seeker low flying planes are unrivaled by other fixed-wing aircraft and is superior to many police helicopters. Seeker Aircraft are currently operational in the United States, Australia, Middle East and Africa.

Seeker Aircraft America, Inc. employs a team of highly respected veterans of the aviation industry who are instrumental to the success of the SB7L-360 Seeker Aircraft.